Did you want to talk with me?

Everyone ask me over mails and word-of-mouth , again and again the same. Where is your mobile? When your mobile number changed? Why you didn’t inform your new number? I’m trying to reach you over your number +91 9944230824, but it always in switched off.Why?

But the answer to all above questions remains constant: I lost my handset. And I don’t want to buy a new one [atleast for now] I try to be with mobile free as far as I can.

Some blame me, some kid me and some there look at me totally differently. Don’t care. And finally they ask me when you’ll going to buy a new one? Which model ? My answer:<silence>.


It’s realy a hard painful decision after the missing following:

If you’re one the guy, that wants me to own a mobile handset, you can try your best. The one and simple way :

Donate me!

If you say “Ohhh! Opps.. Why I? No .., I never. ” Don’t get into shock. I don’t need your money. I don’t even ask. Because you need to own me a mobile. Not me!

Don’t donate me in bulk. I only accept INR250 at maximum per person. If you’re an NRI , the limit is $10 per person.

Once the total donation amount reach a decent sum, I update you and block future donation on the same. And more over , you’re happy to talk with me.

Happy donation.

I forgot to give the account detail :It’s 03861610029634 with IFSC HDFC0000386. Don’t forget to mention ‘ForMobile’ in your transaction.

NB: I regularly update with the total sum received here.

Total amount rececived : INR 1250 as of 6th July’2012

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  1. Poomalairaj says:

    Hey I am happy to see you without mobile. It is good that you are living without mobile. Try not to own a mobile as much as possible and share the experiences. Because I want to be mobile-free as well.

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