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EtherPadLite in WebFaction (or at your GNU/Linux)

Setup NodeJS Goto https://my.webfaction.com/applications/ Add new Application of category Node  Here’s mine Name – nodejs with Node.js 0.10.24,Open Port – Unchecked Make sure you’ve the following [kesavan@web322:~/webapps]$ ls nodejs/bin/  node  npm  start  stop Export the PATH export PATH=$PATH:~/webapps/nodejs/bin Setup Etherpad … Continue reading

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Installing Apache/MySQL/PHP on ELCOT provided BOSS Linux

Today one of home town’s job seekers come home directly seeking advice on LAMP development.He said , he tried with XAMPP on his Windows7 , but it refuses to start the web server the Apache. The laptop he own is a decent … Continue reading

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Don’t see my password! Please…

And it’s the time I cleanup my inbox and get shocked at seeing a mail from Bharatmatrimony reminding me to login often for them to serve me better(?). Here’s snapshot of their mail. Again I try another attempt on ‘Forget password’ … Continue reading

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GoodBye Godaddy

And It’s time to say Goodbye to GoDaddy. Yes. I nearly hosted my 20+ domains on GoDaddy Deluxe Linux Host Server Pack continuously about 3+ years and now I realize the limits and boundaries of GoDaddy. And I look into various host service provider … Continue reading

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