GoodBye Godaddy

And It’s time to say Goodbye to GoDaddy. Yes.

I nearly hosted my 20+ domains on GoDaddy Deluxe Linux Host Server Pack continuously about 3+ years and now I realize the limits and boundaries of GoDaddy. And I look into various host service provider and again that idiot @poomalairaj referred the webfaction provider.

I have a quick glance at the features offered.Wondered with what they provided for the cost they charge.

Here is my quick comparison.

Service GoDaddy WebFaction
Cost/Billing $8.89/month $8.50/month
Number of hosted websites Unlimited Unlimited
SSL (https) support No Yes
Full control of DNS No Yes
Email addresses 1/domain Unlimited
500/parent domain
SMTP, POP and IMAP secure access No IMAP Yes
Webmail secure access Yes Yes
Number of DB 25 Unlimited
MySQL support Yes Yes
PostgreSQL support No Yes
Full shell access with SSH and SFTP Yes
Ability to run long-running processes such as Rails, Django, etc Yes
FTP Users 25 Unlimited
SSH User 1 Unlimited
SubVersion Yes
PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl or Java with MySql, Postgresql or sqlite Yes
Ability to compile and install any software you need in your HOME directory Yes
Space 150GB 100GB
Bandwidth (per month) 600GB
Application memory** Shared 256MB

And now I’m happy with their service for the cost they afford. Within one hour , they start their service for me.And it takes nearly one week for me to complete the transition.

There’s affiliate program too. You can introduce new customers for them and get benefited added to you.

Try now.




I bet you never blame me for this.

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