Finally here’s a new Guitar

I wish to play a Guitar loooong time but the wouldn’t happen. And this December, I done with it. Yes. I brought a new Givson Oxford Guitar from Lakhman Sruthi Musicals. As a beginner I’m recommended for Givson 125/150 but that particular model is not avail at the shop. The sales person there recommended me to go for Oxford as that is next version of Givson 150.

With my Zero percent knowledge on musical instruments, I don’t know what to cross check with and How to on that Guitar. I ask the person in-charge to play some of favourites.

  • என் இனிய பொன் நிலாவே … –  Prathap Pothan

He played that song in nice manner. I love the way he play.And I’ve to go for office too.It’s already 12:20PM and I’m 2Hours away from my office.

After paying INR.2855 towards the Guitar , I put it on my back.

Let’s see how I play this guitar in near future.


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