KODI (XBMC) Library integration

Library integration:
KODI feature which allow the video addon’s stream URLs are saved locally and can be scanned/scraped to library as if they were media files.

Now Supported by : 1Channel, Genesis , Much Movies HD, Yifi Movies HD,iStream and much more
Not Supported by : MashUp and tons of tons
Not verified : IceFilms

You can follow the steps to add

  1.     Movies
  2.     TV Show
  3.     Channels
  4.     Live Show
  5.     and more.

into your KODI library.


  1. Enable to show the hidden files: It needs hidden files to be disclosed.
    System > Settings > Appearance > File lists
  2. Start with your favorite movie. Choose a Video Addon  with Movie on it. (Do this with at least 1 Movie and 1 TV show)
    Home > Video > Addon > 1Channel (or your choice of addon which support Library integration)
    > Movie > Select a Movie  > (Right Click) > "Add to library"

    You can follow the same steps to add:

    1. TV Show
    2. Channels
    3. Live TV
  3. Set the content to right category.  Go to the corresponding addon directory and set the content to matching category.
    Home > Videos > Files > 'Add source' > 'profile dir'/.xbmc* > 
    addon_data > plugin.video.videoaddon (plugin.video.1channel)

    There should be folder of items added such as , “Movies” , “TV Shows” , “Channels” , “LIVE TV” and more . Right-click on them, “Set content” and choose the appropriate content.

Every time you update your video library, these folders will be scanned for new content.
The Movies/TV shows/Channels/LIVE TV are added to home screen.

* RaspberryPi /storage/.xbmc/addon_data

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