Conky & Weather widget on Ubuntu

I often need to look into the weather reports for Chennai as I miss rainy days & expect it, but it wouldn’t.Moreover I feel more burning fire when I walk into the streets by 11am and my eyes are burning on the way to office by approx. 1pm everyday after I lost my StyleIcon sunglass.

Okay.The above scenario made me to track the weather daily, but Ubuntu doesn’t comes with any such widget and so I need to check for the same.

There comes the ‘Conky’ and I happy to work it.After a few tweaks Conky decorates my desktop.

Look at screen shots first, so that you might wish to install.

Here’s the steps to install the Conky & Weather widget:

  1. Install Conky
  2. Get the HTC style Weather widget from DevianArt
  3. Configure your location in $HOME/.Conky/htc_home/accuweather/accuw_script
      1. Todo this , first note down the URI for your weather location at
      2. Replace the URI in address variable in $HOME/.Conky/htc_home/accuweather/accuw_script
  4. Open your console & command the Conky to startup
  5. Extra-Tip: Add this Conky to Start-Up , so that it every time delights you.
sudo apt-get install conky
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