Mixture Dosa

Okay! It’s one another fine morning & I’m here to show you how to prepare ‘mixture’ dosa.

Feel different?

My sister ask me to prepare dosa myself for breakfast, as she left early to her office. And I starts dosa the wet rice flour on tawa. The snacks ,malasa mixture,peanuts in the snacks box invite me and I hungrily feed on them. Idea clicked.

Why don’t I try out a masala mixture dosa? Yeah! We’ve varitey of Dosa , [Ghee,Masala, Panner ….]

Time to start.

  1. Bring down the Gas in ‘Sim’ mode
  2. Prepare the Dosa as usual
  3. Take some masala mixture & strew them top of Dosa
  4. Add some peanuts over it
  5. Turn over Dosa
  6. When it turn into golden color, bring it to your plate.

Enjoy your new ‘Mixture masala’ Dosa.

Warning: Don’t blame me, if something goes wrong.


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