Online’ல் அரை கிலோ கஞ்சா

Long time I wish to taste the Ganja and feel how it change my mood and to notice it’s impact on myself.


And my idiot @poomalairaj introduce me the world of `Hidden` services in Internet.Yes! Completely hidden in the open network.This is about how to walk into that forbidden world.

  • All you need is ‘TOR’ network. You can download a Tor client with a Tor Browser which comes as a Bundle pack. Mine is Vidalia. Download the latest from Tor Project.


    Vidalia Control Panel

  • Open the Vidalia Control Panel by the following command.
you@localhost:~$ /path/to/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser
Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /path/to/tor-browser_en-US
  • Now ‘Start Tor’. It’ll start Tor Browser and show the status tor browser. And you may notice a new IP on the tor browser’s Home page.



  • Now goto the real ‘forbidden network’. They call it as ‘Silk Road’. Read more about Silk Road on Wiki . Okay. Open the Silk Road’s Homepage.
  • Register for your new account. You might be asked for a PIN. That’s very important. Never forget that.Once verified , login to Silk Road.
Silk Road Homepage

Silk Road Homepage

  • On the account page, note down your BitCoin address and Deposit enough amount on it.You can Transfer your country currency into BitCoins using providers like Mr.BitCoins
  • Then search for ‘Cannabis’ .
Cannabis - Search result

Cannabis – Search result

  • To Order you need to have enough BitCoins on your account.
  • Choose your right choice & Get delivered Cannabis to your door step.

Don’t worry . No one trace your identity on internet.Everything transferred over ONION protocol and you’re free from tracking worries.


  1. Change your identity every time as you wish so that the destination feel you’re from every corner of the Globe.
  2. To make one particular country as your Source IP, modify ExitNode on the torrc located at tor-browser_en-US/App/../Data/Tor/torrc. Read more about ExitNode here
ExitNodes server1, CountryCode, server3
StrictExitNodes 1

My new benefit of Tor Project:

  • Netflix says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” in my normal browser , while it ask me to ‘Start Your Free Month’ in my Tor Browser.

If you wish to have me one more time of Ganja , donate me to my BitCoin Account: 19U9QmUWMxtCT1LodVn5w59zxVnQzx4bfW

Update:Dec 13,2012 :

As requested, I’m adding the screen shot of torc file modification.

TorC file modification

TorC file modification


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