Keralaத்தில் Kesavan

Okay! And it’s time to celebrate Preethi’s wedding and One more reason to visit my favourite Keralam. This time I vow to not miss any item particularly not wish add to the LG L3 E400 to missed mobile list. I plan to go Coimbatore first , spend a day, then to via Palaghat reach the Guruvayoor.

Things starts from the Friday eve , and I need to catch the train which I booked up to Coimbatore.The scheduled departure for the Cheran Express is at 20:10 [08:10Pm] and I need to catch it.

26/10 Friday:

  • 6:00 Pm – Left Office early. Sent mail to ‘big’ boss and ask team to take care of rest
  • 6:30 Pm – Reached home. Have a fresh bath.
  • 6:45 Pm – Packed my dress and everything. Ensured everything I need on travel is packed well
  • 7:00 Pm – Call my sister.Confused on how to reach the local Chrompet station.Auto/Two wheeler ?If two wheeler , I need to park it in front of station, keep the key inside vehicle.No guarantee until my sister find it out.Better an auto rickshaw.
  • 7:05 Pm – Locked the doors.Walk into street.Find the auto.Entered
  • 7:10 Pm – Charged र30 and brought a ticket to Park station
  • 7:45 Pm – In Park Station. Only I’ve few minutes to catch.No plan about dinner.
  • 7:50 Pm – Anandha Bhavan – Ordered 4 Idlies. Idly 4रபா .packing 3रபா.. என்ன செய்ய? குடுப்பா முதல.Time ஆச்சு.
  • 8:00 Pm – Cheran Express – S2 Coach. I’m the first person in the coach.Even no lights and power inside.Not sure this is the train I booked.Verified by reading the train name again.
  • 8:05 Pm – Okay. After noticing at the big screen, I realized the train is scheduled at 10:10pm not 8:10pm. I re-check at my received SMS as well as printed ticket. Seems minor mistake in processing.
  • 8:10 Pm – My LG E400 asks for power supply.It had only 18% of battery level.Plan to charge my mobile, so that It alive till morning.Check for travel charger. Goosh. ** No Charger **. Superb. Three days. No charger. No way other than a new charger for temporary use.
  • 8:20 Pm – In front of `Best` Mobiles. He have a look at charge pin and took my mobile , test it with a new charger and show that light glowing.Says working well. Ask me र70 , but I done it with र50.Left the spot
  • 8:30 Pm – Dinner in station bench.Omg! No chutney.நெந்ததுதான் மிச்சம்
  • 9:00 Pm – People starts to entrain the coach and power is on.
  • 9:30 Pm – Roaming in and around station. Make sure my coach comes with a power supply pin , so that I can charge in the night.
  • 9:40 Pm – Entrained into my coach. S2 72 Upper berth. Charged my mobile. That time only I realized no power supply in to mobile. Battery level is now at 14%
  • 9:45 Pm – Left the coach and charge the phone inside the station with my new charger. Wait for 5 minutes. On charging , I notice the phone’s misbehaviour.When I try to SMS, it dials the person.Leave it.Now to check for battery level.Surprise. OMG! Charge is at dangerously low. 4%. The new charger works in superb way. Instead of charging the battery, it reverse it’s duty. Immediatly I left the spot and find a spot inside station , where the Canara bank’s sponsor’d Charger avail.Again charging there.
  • 9:50 Pm – Check for battery level. நல்லவேளை. It’s really charging. 1% for each minute approximately.
  • 10:00 Pm – Now at 20%
  • 10:05 Pm – 33%. That is okay for me to spend the night.Reach for train.Entrained.
  • 10:15 Pm – Train leaves the station.
  • 10:40 Pm – TTR Verifies the ticket and person in lower berth ask me to change my berth as he travel with his wife . 🙂 எந்த coach ? S1-ஆ ? No problem boss. Enjoy.
  • Some Good night SMS’s

27/10 Saturday :

  • 6:00 Am – In Coimbatore station. Battery level 7% . Charging my mobile with the new charger. No change in battery level.
  • 6:20 Am – Left the station.
  • 6:30 Am – 9:00 Pm – This portion is not covered in this blog
  • 9:00 Pm – Getting down at Coimbatore Gandhipuram Bus Stand.City is full of lights as a part of Diwali shopping mania. Suddenly all lights are gone off. No power. Warm welcome for me.
  • 9:05 Pm – Walk towards the Express bus area. Enquired bus for Guruvayoor. No luck.They suggests me to get bus to Palaghat and from there It’s easier to reach the destination.
  • 9:10 Pm – Entered inside the Palaghat Bus. Run by KSRTC.
  • 9:20 Pm – The conductor charged me र37 and informed it’ll reach Palaghat by 11Pm.
  • 9:30 Pm – On tender exchange, I left the ticket fly free inside the bus in front of the conductor. Me – Sir, the ticket is missed out. Please be on side if Checking Inspector rides me. Okay? He – No problem . Sit down.
  • 10:10 Pm – Welcome to Kerala. I’m welcomed by chilled wind storm in the window side.
  • 11:05 Pm – Palaghat Station. Enquired at the office about bus to Guruvayoor. Hahahaa. Next bus is at 4:15 in the morning. Superb. Any better alternative?
  • 11:10 Pm – Go to Thrissur. From there , you may find quick way.
  • 11:15 Pm – What about Thrissur bus? Wait some minute. We’ve bus by 11:30 AM
  • 28/10 Sunday :
  • 11:40 Am – Bus to Thrissur. Already the cup is filled. But no way for me 🙁
  • 11:45 Am – Standing only for one and half hour. Not a big issue.
  • 11:50 Am – Conductor charged me र47 and said by 1:15AM in morning , it’ll reach the Thrissur.

28/10 Sunday :

  • 12:15 Am – I’m unable to stand no more.I felt my stamina goes out.
  • 12:17 Am – I decide & sit down in the step of the bus with 3 more guy.அந்த வகையில Kerala’s KSRTC buses come built-in door. பயம் இன்றி படியில் பயணம்.
  • 01:00 AM – Approaching Thrissur
  • 01:10 AM – Thrissur Bus stand. Inquired about the Guruvayoor bus timing. Promisingly they replied by 10 minutes there is a bus by 01:20Am, அப்பாடா என்று relief
  • 01:20 Am – Still no bus. Enquired again. To my luck , they said that bus got break down. Next bus is at 02.00 Am.Oh! my god… Again I need to stay at Thrissur Bus stand for more than half-an-hour
  • 02:00 Am – A kerala version of ‘Sundara Travels’ approaching the bus stand and everyone rush towards.I got it.That is the bus , I’m waiting for.
  • 02:05 Am – Standing again.No problem Guruvayoorappaa.. Conductor again charged me र26.Standing … 🙁
  • 03:05 Am – Called Preethi’s dad & intimate I’ll be there in 5 minutes.He ask me to be there and he is on the way to receive
  • 03:10 Am – Guruvayoor Bus Stand. More people even in mid-night.But no one there for me.Calling again dad.
  • 03:15 Am – As I know the address earlier, I just walk into the city searching the West Nada… Again calling preethi’s dad. He said he’s unable to trace me & I said him, I’ll be there in few minutes.
  • 03:30 Am – In the West Nada. குருவாயூரப்பனை தரிசிப்பதைவிடவும் குருவாயூரப்பனை தரிசிக்கவரும் பக்த(ர்)களை தரிசிப்பது மிக அவசியம்.. அதிகாலை தரிசனம்.மனதிற்கு சுகம்.எல்லோரும் பாரம்பரிய உடையினில். பெண்கள் – மலையாளத்து சந்தன நிற சேலை or Traditional skirts. ஆண்கள் – துண்டும் முண்டும்(வேட்டி) அப்டியே மறந்தாக்க road end வரக்கும் போய்ட்டேன்.Enquired again in a Nair tea shop. Backwards again.
  • 03:45 Am – Finally found the Mahal. Preethi’s dad in the reception.Take me to 3rd floor.
  • 03:50 Am – Allocate me the Room#38 . Had a fresh bath.Suddenly power down.Not sure I’m in Kerala or Tamilnadu.Not only for my room ,but to everyone’s.Appada.. Happy..
  • 04:00 Am – Admin people did some works on EB Board and power back.
  • 04:05 Am – Fall in bed.
  • 04:15 Am – Had a dream, some one rings my mobile.. Loudly & more loudly. I’m sure my mobile died due to lack of power.And then how? Realized that is not dream.Some one knocks at the door.Preethi’s dad.This is reservered for Groom, not mine.Read the room label again.I thought earlier it stands for VIP but actually it reads as Groom in Malayalam. Language problem. OMG! Immediately I’m allocated to next room , #37.
  • 04:20 Am – Locked the door.Switch on fan. Power down again. But this time , only my room. Go for recepitcion to find admin people. No one there.bad luck. Tried with all Permutation , combination [remember nPr,nCr in our school math] on the EB Board. Still no luck.
  • 04:35 Am – Called preethi’s dad & informed.He allocate his bed & he share with preethi’s bro
  • 04:40 Am – Fall in Bed again.
  • 08:05 Am – Alarm beeps . Went out for morning round.
  • 08:08 Am – Surprisingly a Tea for र6. Left again to Mahal
  • 08:20 Am – Forgot to bring paste, but brush. Other person shares his own. 🙂
  • 08:30 Am – Preethi in her bridal suite. Had a snap. Wishes.Her brother said breakfast will closed by 09:00Am. OMG! Hurry up.
  • 08:35 Am – Happy to see my room companion’s mobile charger looks alike mine.Lock the room.Replace his mobile with mine.Left for bath.Charging camera battery.
  • 08:45 Am – Morning bath.. New dress.
  • 09:00 Am – In dinning hall with her bro.கடைசி பந்தி.
  • 09:05 Am – Kesari,2 Idly. No vada.Some one enquired about Vada. Service person left for vada.
  • 09:15 Am – போனவன் வரவே இல்ல, வட போச்சு. வட யோட இட்லியும் போச்சு.மத்தியானம் முத பந்தியில உட்காரனும்
  • 09:30 – 10:25 Am – Inside mahal. Check for charging level.Make sure both camera/mobile fully charged.
  • 10:30 Am – Starts to temple.
  • 10:35 Am – Harish joined . See photo below. Hero meeets Heroine.
  • 10:40 Am Standing in Queue front of Temple.
  • 10:45 Am – More rush. Full of sweat.
  • 10:50 Am – Preethi’s aunt starts guarding her jewels.I worried about the young girls MakeUp. மெனக்கெட்டு போட்ட MakeUp எல்லாம் கரைய ஆரம்பிச்சுடுச்சு
  • 11:00 Am – Even more rush.இரும்பு பைப் வேலி starts to bend down.
  • 11:15 Am – Preethi get inside mandapa while Harish unable to pass thorugh.
  • 11:20 Am – Myself & others pushed Harish into mandapa
  • 11:30 Am – Another couple in marriage ceremony
  • 11:35 Am – Harish knots mangalasutra on Preethi’s neck
  • 11:40Am – 01:15 Pm – Relaxation , Photo snaps , Return to Mahal
  • 01:20 Pm – சாப்பாடு ரெடி. யாரோ சொன்னாங்க. Lesson from morning break fast.
  • 01:30 Pm – Kerala special menu.
  • 01:45 Pm – Preethi left with Harish leaving the mahal empty
  • 02:00 Pm – Preethi in her Green saree , with Bridal collection. See photo 🙂
  • 02:30 Pm – Send-off preethi with Harish to Calicut
  • 03:00 Pm – Just noticed. My mobile missed out. My family ‘ll kill this time. I ask a person nearby to give me a call , the phone starts riniging. Inside my bag. OMG!
  • 03:15 Pm – Left the Mahal, thanked everyone.
  • 03:45 Pm – TNSTC Bus leaving bus stand. Enquired conductor about Chennai bus.Get inside.This is the quick route. Get down at Pollachi.You’ve more bus from there.If not, you can come to Thiruppur in the same bus, which is the best route, instead of going by Coimbatore route.He convinced me for a ticket. 🙁 . Charged me र80 as fare.
  • 06:35 Pm – Pollachi bus stand. என்னை இறங்கவே விடல.Full rush.Condutor – ‘தம்பி, விடுங்க.நீங்க பேசாம திருப்பூரே வாங்க’. நான்[மனசுக்குள்ள]: தெரியும். இத தான எதிர்பார்த்த? Again charging me र30 . நல்லாவே இரு.Called my mamaa who is in Thriuppur, whom I thought of help him get a Chennai bus.
  • 08:30 Pm – Inside Thiruppur bus stand.Met mamz.He blamed me as well conductor for this Route.Enquired about the Chennai bus at TNSTC office.Full sir.They said after 10Pm they’ve plan for Special bus.
  • 08:40 Pm – Catch a local bus, get down to spot where we find private travels like KPN. I know my luck well.No single seat. Oops. Maamz ask me better put leave tomo. I fear of my Josh, my big boss.No way.
  • 08:45 Pm – Catch another bus to New bus stand. Still no luck. Maamz blamed me on the way full.He got his bike and back to Old bus stand.
  • 09:30 Pm – Luck knocks me. A special bus to Chennai.Ultra Deluxe.Act immediately.
  • 09:45 Pm – Thanked maamz. Bus left the spot. Last back seat . Number 36. No push back
  • 09:55 Pm – Conductor charge me र340 as fare.
  • 10:10 Pm – Back pain starts. Pain rising as sin wave ..
  • 10:20 Pm – Had a berth .Seatஏ இல்ல.. உனக்கெப்டி Berth? நீங்க கேக்குறது புரியுது.The Hindu helps me. Paperaa fullaa விரிச்சு போட்டா Berth.No pain on my back hence forth.
  • 10:45 Pm – ஆஅஆஆ. Some one starts walk over me.Ohhh! a high way MOTEL . Get up.
  • 10:55 Pm – Ordered dosa.Delivered Parota.No sir, Dosa! Hmmm. Wait…
  • 11:05 Pm – Dosa . Conductor – Bus’ll leave soon. Rushing
  • 11:15 Pm – Back to my ‘berth’

29/10 Monday :

  • 05:50 Am – Perangalatur.No to Tambaram,Chrompet
  • 06:10 Am – Catch other bus to Chrompet. Got seated.
  • ~ 09 Am – Filtered photos.Re touched for web standard.Upload the photos
  • ~ 11 Am – Thought of have this blog
  • 11:15 Am – Starts blogging
  • 11:56 Am – Power down.I realized , I’m in Tamilnadu now
  • 01:30 Pm – Noticed I forgot to log Timesheet for past week.Heeee. .Heeee

30/10 Tuesday :

  • 11:15 Am – Continue with blogging
  • 11:56 Am – Power down.I
  • ~ 04 Pm – Colleagues ask for photo snaps.
  • ~ 9 Pm – Commented almost all the photos

31/10 Wednesday :

  • ~09:30 Am – Rainy. Continue with blog.
  • 11:15 Am – End blogging

Extra Bonus :

  • Useful update: Preethi will back to Chennai by 11/2 and back to 11/3 to Calicut, from there the couple left to Bengaluru
  • Useless update : Guruvayoor Rugmini Residencyல மாப்பிள்ள ரூம்ல பாத்ரூம் lock work ஆகல.
  • Total Word Count – 2000
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