Thanks BharatMatrimony for enhancing your security

This is to say thanks to Team BharatMatrimony! Here’s why? Actually this Part II of the story, while the Part I is at

“Don’t see my password! Please… “

If you didn’t read the blog earlier, read that first. So that you can understand. In that I mention how the Passwords are under attack and how it can be protected.

After three months, I again to check the status of their protection. To surprise, everything changed now.

Forgot Password Mail

Forgot Password Mail

Wow! It’s a great step towards better protection. Clicking on the link took me directly to set new password instead of showing it in screen.

Reset the password

Reset the password

Thanks Team at Consim & BharatMatrimony for your effort protecting user’s privacy ! I hope you done with Hashing the user’s password.

And a great thanks for listening my voice on the same!

Kudoos for your team!

Update 1:

Here’s what my twitter card saying at

Tweet on BharatMatrimony

Tweet on BharatMatrimony

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