Welcome New Flickr!

And it’s a great moment to celebrate the Flickr’s new layout/design and changes.

There’s no more 200 photo limit & 1 Terabyte of photo,video storage to all free users !  Unable to belive what you just read now? Me too. Go head reading the offical news release on Flickr Blog.
Here’s some snapshot on new Flickr!

flickr-home flickr-setflickr-fav flickr-collections

 As mentioned, a truly

A better Flickr is here.

And not a moment too soon. With all of the power that you love, Flickr is now in its most beautiful form, and available to everyone.

Here’s how new Flickr limits reads:

What’s the difference between a Free, Ad Free, and Doublr account?

There are three kinds of accounts to choose from at Flickr, and all of them are awesome in their own way.


  • 1 Terabyte of photo and video storage
  • Upload photos of up to 200MB per photo
  • Upload 1080p HD videos of up to 1GB each
  • Video playback of up to 3 minutes each
  • Upload and download in full original quality

Ad Free:

  • $49.99 per year
  • All the benefits of a free account
  • No ads in your browsing experience


  • $499.99 per year
  • 2 Terabytes of photo and video space
  • All the benefits of a free account

Nothing else! What’s a basic user needs more? Thanks Flickr and Yahoo! team. You again prove how much bigger and smarter.

Here’s my comments to the [Official topic] Feedback on today’s site changes
“I love you Flickr. Awesome changes “
So what you wait for? Shoot & Share. A bigger and Better Flickr is here

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