Fix for “unfortunately, the process has stopped”

Some time , your Android throws unexpected messages and keeps blocking you , using the mobile with strange errors/warnings. One of them is

"unfortunately, the process has stopped"

Here goes the possible fixes for the Issue:

Myself & my brother face this issue often , when playing with different ROM’s and experimenting with new stuffs. But here goes our Quick remedies. Publishing this in hope this will help someone in need.The possible fixes for this Issue may be :

# Possible Fix Steps to Fix
1 Clear Cache Settings >> Storage >> Clear Cache
2 Limit Accessibility Settings >> Sytem >> Accessibility >> Turn off all
3 Reset the APNs Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Networks  >> Access Point Names >> Reset
4 Try in Safe Mode Power  >> Hold Turnoff (or Reboot) >> Reboot in Safe Mode 
5 Uninstall 3rd party apps Widgets,Battery doctor, Task killer,Flipboard,Clock&Weather,Launchers
6 Runtime from ART to Dalvik Settings >> Developer Options >> Runtime >> Dalvik
7 Wipe Cache Partition Reboot >> Reboot into Recovery >> “Wipe Cache Partition”
8 Reinstall/Change ROM Reboot >> Reboot into Recovery >> Reinstall or change ROM
9 Factory reset Reboot >> Reboot into Recovery >> Factory reset (wipe data/factory reset)
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