Deciding Utility Plans | Contract vs Contract-free

Writing after a very looong time. Today I’ve to decide on  one of my utility plan for Internet

Not sure which one I’ve to go for. Call center sales people try to sale Contract Plans as good and profit which might reduce my bill upto $7.57/month . But my case is different , as I plan to leave the country and I’ve to terminate the contract for which I’ve to pay early termination fee. Its hard deciding over the phone call itself , so close the call , starts comparing.

[table id=1 /]

Looks like if I leave within next 7 months, `Contract-free` is good for me. Contract is good only if you stick with the plan for more than 8 months and will end up with 90.84 savings per year.

This is for someone who looks for clue over Deciding Utility Plans on Contract vs Contract-free.

For now, let me stick with contract free.

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