SSH to Oracle Cloud Infra from Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is good choice when come to connecting to multiple remote servers as well as local instances (WSLs, PowerShell , even cmd)

But when you attempt to connect to Oracle Cloud Infra (OCI), you may need to convert the ppk into pem and configure the Windows Terminal. Here goes the steps:


  • Install PuTTYgen
  • Windows Terminal
  • Keep ppk key from OCI
  • Ensure ssh tool installed in Windows ( Check from cmd terminal)


  1. Convert the ppk into pem
    • With the help of PuTTYgen , 1st load the PRIVATE key (extn: ppk) and export as OpenSSH key
    • Ensure the extension of new saved key as pem
  2. Find the path of ssh in your cmd (Generally at System32\OpenSSH)
  3. Add a new profile in Windows Terminal, stating the path of the ssh and the pem key
    • Supply your creds (Host/username)
  4. Pro tip: Add icon image if you prefer
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