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Long time I wish to taste the Ganja and feel how it change my mood and to notice it’s impact on myself.


And my idiot @poomalairaj introduce me the world of `Hidden` services in Internet.Yes! Completely hidden in the open network.This is about how to walk into that forbidden world.

  • All you need is ‘TOR’ network. You can download a Tor client with a Tor Browser which comes as a Bundle pack. Mine is Vidalia. Download the latest from Tor Project.


    Vidalia Control Panel

  • Open the Vidalia Control Panel by the following command.
you@localhost:~$ /path/to/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser
Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /path/to/tor-browser_en-US
  • Now ‘Start Tor’. It’ll start Tor Browser and show the status tor browser. And you may notice a new IP on the tor browser’s Home page.



  • Now goto the real ‘forbidden network’. They call it as ‘Silk Road’. Read more about Silk Road on Wiki . Okay. Open the Silk Road’s Homepage.
  • Register for your new account. You might be asked for a PIN. That’s very important. Never forget that.Once verified , login to Silk Road.
Silk Road Homepage

Silk Road Homepage

  • On the account page, note down your BitCoin address and Deposit enough amount on it.You can Transfer your country currency into BitCoins using providers like Mr.BitCoins
  • Then search for ‘Cannabis’ .
Cannabis - Search result

Cannabis – Search result

  • To Order you need to have enough BitCoins on your account.
  • Choose your right choice & Get delivered Cannabis to your door step.

Don’t worry . No one trace your identity on internet.Everything transferred over ONION protocol and you’re free from tracking worries.


  1. Change your identity every time as you wish so that the destination feel you’re from every corner of the Globe.
  2. To make one particular country as your Source IP, modify ExitNode on the torrc located at tor-browser_en-US/App/../Data/Tor/torrc. Read more about ExitNode here
ExitNodes server1, CountryCode, server3
StrictExitNodes 1

My new benefit of Tor Project:

  • Netflix says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” in my normal browser , while it ask me to ‘Start Your Free Month’ in my Tor Browser.

If you wish to have me one more time of Ganja , donate me to my BitCoin Account: 19U9QmUWMxtCT1LodVn5w59zxVnQzx4bfW

Update:Dec 13,2012 :

As requested, I’m adding the screen shot of torc file modification.

TorC file modification

TorC file modification


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Mixture Dosa

Okay! It’s one another fine morning & I’m here to show you how to prepare ‘mixture’ dosa.

Feel different?

My sister ask me to prepare dosa myself for breakfast, as she left early to her office. And I starts dosa the wet rice flour on tawa. The snacks ,malasa mixture,peanuts in the snacks box invite me and I hungrily feed on them. Idea clicked.

Why don’t I try out a masala mixture dosa? Yeah! We’ve varitey of Dosa , [Ghee,Masala, Panner ….]

Time to start.

  1. Bring down the Gas in ‘Sim’ mode
  2. Prepare the Dosa as usual
  3. Take some masala mixture & strew them top of Dosa
  4. Add some peanuts over it
  5. Turn over Dosa
  6. When it turn into golden color, bring it to your plate.

Enjoy your new ‘Mixture masala’ Dosa.

Warning: Don’t blame me, if something goes wrong.


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Conky & Weather widget on Ubuntu

I often need to look into the weather reports for Chennai as I miss rainy days & expect it, but it wouldn’t.Moreover I feel more burning fire when I walk into the streets by 11am and my eyes are burning on the way to office by approx. 1pm everyday after I lost my StyleIcon sunglass.

Okay.The above scenario made me to track the weather daily, but Ubuntu doesn’t comes with any such widget and so I need to check for the same.

There comes the ‘Conky’ and I happy to work it.After a few tweaks Conky decorates my desktop.

Look at screen shots first, so that you might wish to install.

Here’s the steps to install the Conky & Weather widget:

  1. Install Conky
  2. Get the HTC style Weather widget from DevianArt
  3. Configure your location in $HOME/.Conky/htc_home/accuweather/accuw_script
      1. Todo this , first note down the URI for your weather location at
      2. Replace the URI in address variable in $HOME/.Conky/htc_home/accuweather/accuw_script
  4. Open your console & command the Conky to startup
  5. Extra-Tip: Add this Conky to Start-Up , so that it every time delights you.
sudo apt-get install conky
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வெள்ளை வேட்டியும்,கொள்ளை Pant’ம்

The people around me asks ‘Why I prefer dhoti over pants?” My answer to them is straight and simple.Because I love it.Once you practised with dhoti and it’s flexibility , you wonder with the advantages it offer comparing a Pant.

I starts to wear Dhoti from my college High school days and still loves to it.

Weather on Travel to remote villages or at Temple or Rock art site or at Home, you can see me in Dhoti.Even in Theatres and Library,I feel more comfortable with that.

The only expectation is my office.Because the business always loves to be with the Client oriented and have ‘tailored’ dress code.

Here is the comparison between Dhoti over Trouser Pant.

  • Cost effective:

Dhoti’s are always and you can find everywhere from a small shop & biggest textile mall.Even at the max the Silk one doesn’t cost you more than ₹ 800

  • Comfort-ability:

I always prefer & enjoy in Dhoti on my Travel to remote sites.Weather it is Train/Bus , I feel more comfort in Dhoti rather than in Trouser.Some times in long travel, being trousers makes you feel more heat, but not in case of Dhoti

  • Appearance:

I feel always my look & appearance is better when I’m in Dhoti than in trousers.You can judge yourself.

  • Traditional

Why I prefer Dhoti is it gives you a traditional look wherever you’re.In temples,in village or in local transport bus , you’ll distinct among others.And you feel the different response you receive from them. Being in India , you feel right with Dhoti wherever you go.

Over all , try yourself so that you feel the difference.

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Last week I shop for a decent laptop with that idiot Poomalai and he recommends me to buy ASUS X53U , as it is going to be gift to a Merit student of our High school as a part VOSA alumni activities.

It comes with AMD powered Brazos Processor and satisfies my requirement within the allocated budget.I loves that design and it comes with separate Numeric pad too.

The Perfect Fit for Work and Play

The Perfect Fit for Work and Play

Looks better

Looks better

There’s only FreeDOS as I don’t want to spend the collected money goes to Microsoft for Pre-installed Windows 7 and/or other.

Later few days, I try to install an OS. First I start with Ubuntu 11.04 from CD and got an error relating to Memory/SATA. I thought it might due to CD and tried with Ubuntu 7.04 . Again similar error. Next Kubuntu. No luck.

Then I purchase a new CD/ROM and burns the ISO with Brasero but to my (un)luck the burning process shows 100% success leaving no contents in the CD.One more waste disc.In that moment I vow my self to stop support to Optical Disc and ODD.

Again time to explore my disc box.

Left all debian family and goes to Sun platform. Starts again with openSolaris. Failure. Sun’s Dev Express Solaris.No luck so far. I thought of these issue due to CD R/W and I’m forced to boot from USB. Unfortunately I don’t have any working USB Flash , but my memory stick has some free 4GB in my LG E400.

Then I use Ubuntu’s ‘Start Up Disk Creator’ to burn the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO into my USB Flash and it wiped out all my contents in it.I know this’ll happen and backup my contents earlier in my Lenovo ideapad Z460/Ubuntu 12.04.

Now I hope everything going to be smooth as I starts installation on USB Flash mode and it seems so. Oops.Same issue.

I lost hope of installing OS and packed it, as there’s no more time.

The next day , in my native my friends tried with Windows 7 and Windows XP but no luck.As time doesn’t permit we starts the function and gift this ASUS and informed the person we need to install OS, so that he can use the Laptop.Meantime I enquired the Customer care and they ask me to bring the Laptop.

After 2 Hours, I submit the Pack to the Customer Care at Madurai[154,North Veli St,Simakkal.There’s two 154 in the same road :)]. There’s no electric power, but earlier charged it for some 4Hrs which helps to look at the issue.

Booting into BIOS , they simply goes to the Advanced Settings tab and Change the SATA Configuration to IDE , so that the HDD gets detected during installation of OS.Everyone there faced this issues and they say this is an Known bug , but occurs only 1/6 piece.

And they installed the Windows7 , what we brought to them.

My question here is :

  • Why the ASUS doesn’t mention that change anywhere in the Manual?
  • Why the Customer Care people ask me to change when I enquire on this?

But any how, I’m not disappointed at that moment, because an OS got installed.

Okay and here is the snapshot of How to check the same.



“How to Change the SATA Configuration to IDE in ASUS X53U BIOS prior to install any Operating System”

By time of 6PM , we returned the piece to the merit student and thanked us for that extra effort.

Hope this ASUS X53U helps his higher studies.

Image credits: ASUS , SpywareDrGuide

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Walking with Android 2.3.6 on LG E400

LG E400

LG E400

And this week end, I’m gifted a brand new LG E400 which is powered by Android 2.3.6 . Coming from the world of Maemo 5 , ie Nokia’s N900 , personally I miss a lot of things.There’s no physical keyboard to type-in and I’m not comfortable with their built-in keyboard.

OMG! there’s no CONTROL key in the left corner of keyboard lay out. As a programmer[?] , how can I run my life without Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V ?

They said it’s powered with Kernel 2.6.38 but there’s no console to command the phone.I hate it at most.

I’m missing the High resolution video playback and It ask me to accept the DivX (VOD) licence to play some proprietorial video formats.I can’t read the beyond three pages of their legal licence as the font size doesn’t good for my vision.

Most of all , there’s no task manager or Dashboard as like Maemo .

Yet to verify all the features of the operating system once I connected to internet.My mobile service provider Vodafone charge me INR98 for 2GB/month , which is not enough for Maps and Voice. I think VoIP and Video Chat might struggle with the 2G bandwidth.

And thanks for the contributors , those donated INR1250 for my mobile.As I’m donated a new mobile, the donors are refunded with their donations. Thanks for your support.

I’ll update my experiences without mobile connectivity for the past three weeks in a new blog.

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Did you want to talk with me?

Everyone ask me over mails and word-of-mouth , again and again the same. Where is your mobile? When your mobile number changed? Why you didn’t inform your new number? I’m trying to reach you over your number +91 9944230824, but it always in switched off.Why?

But the answer to all above questions remains constant: I lost my handset. And I don’t want to buy a new one [atleast for now] I try to be with mobile free as far as I can.

Some blame me, some kid me and some there look at me totally differently. Don’t care. And finally they ask me when you’ll going to buy a new one? Which model ? My answer:<silence>.


It’s realy a hard painful decision after the missing following:

If you’re one the guy, that wants me to own a mobile handset, you can try your best. The one and simple way :

Donate me!

If you say “Ohhh! Opps.. Why I? No .., I never. ” Don’t get into shock. I don’t need your money. I don’t even ask. Because you need to own me a mobile. Not me!

Don’t donate me in bulk. I only accept INR250 at maximum per person. If you’re an NRI , the limit is $10 per person.

Once the total donation amount reach a decent sum, I update you and block future donation on the same. And more over , you’re happy to talk with me.

Happy donation.

I forgot to give the account detail :It’s 03861610029634 with IFSC HDFC0000386. Don’t forget to mention ‘ForMobile’ in your transaction.

NB: I regularly update with the total sum received here.

Total amount rececived : INR 1250 as of 6th July’2012

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Women of Earth

I wonder why in our most ancient sculptures they decorate the women from space and heaven with highly civilized form of dressing and left the others including women from earth as uncivilized and topless in the sense of dressing nature.

Last week end I went for two UNESCO World Heritage sites from the Living Chola temples covering

  • Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram
  • Temple of Gangaikondacholisvaram at Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Both sites have proof for the above scenario and questioned myself why the people of the time [12th Century] believe that and how the civilization carried to man-kind.

First we have look at the wives of Lord Muruga. He married Theivanai , the daughter of Indra, King of Devas and Vali Devi , the adopted girl by tribal lead. Even though they were once born siblings , they lost those memory in their present.Theivanai born and brought up in Heaven which is treated as Highly civilized while Vali in the dark deep forest and the story of Kanda puranam ends with marraige of both to Muruga.

Okay! Now listen to the sculptures.

Tamil God, Lord Muruga with his two wives , Thevana & Vali

Here is Lord Muruga with Vali and Theivanai

Here is the beauty of intelligence expressed.Thevanna comes from Royal while Vali from Tribal family .Can you able to identify both? I show you in next

Here is the beauty of intelligence expressed.Thevanna comes from Royal while Vali from Tribal family .Can you able to identify both? I show you in next


Here is Theivaanai. Look at her dressing sense and ornaments. She cover her top in fact

Here is Theivaanai. Look at her dressing sense and ornaments. She cover her top in fact.

Now have a look at tribal Vali. She didn't cover her top like Theivanai as she grown up in tribal forest

Now have a look at tribal Vali. She didn’t cover her top like Theivanai as she grown up in tribal forest.

You also notice the leavings of nose and ear piercings on Vali. That means tribal people have that culture

You also notice the leavings of nose and ear piercings on Vali. That means tribal people have that culture.

Not only for the Muruga’s Vali and Theivanai. I notice the same for wives of Lord Vishnu too.

Vishnu with his Wives Are you able to identify them?

Vishnu with his Wives Are you able to identify them?Yes.Shri Devi on the left and Shri Poo Devi in the Right

One more Shot that I love ever. Identifying Shri Devi and Poo Devi.Shri Devi belongs to Royal family and she covered her top while Shri Poo Devi from the Earth and she doesn't need to cover her top and left it un-covered.

As Shri Devi belongs to Royal family and she covered her top while Shri Poo Devi from the Earth and she doesn’t need to cover her top and left it un-covered.

So for even girls married to god also forced to be render as uncivilized that time. Means that is always the low class woman are not allowed to dress themselves and the high people always wants them to be slaves life-long.

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